Stressed Shoulders At The Office? 3 Pilates Exercises To Relieve Tender Muscles In Shoulders Of Workaholics

13 September 2016
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Used to sitting in front of the computer working for several hours? Your devotion is impressive, but it can be stressful for your shoulders. The rotator cuff in your shoulder is a group of muscles connecting your shoulder blade and arm. Weak rotator cuffs triggered by frequent inactivity cause shoulders to feel tense because they are unable to provide postural support to your upper body. Pilates equips you with precise exercise patterns to strengthen your rotator cuff and relieve tender muscles.

Build A Strong Rotator Cuff Using A Resistance Band Standing Up

To build your rotator cuff muscle, your Pilates instructor may recommend a specific exercise using a resistance band tied to a wall support. You will need to stand upright with your back straight. Place your elbow on your hipbone and bend your hand. Pull the resistance band against the wall support sideways and keep repeating this movement a few times. Do this on both sides everyday to strengthen your rotator cuff. The resistance caused by your action of pulling the band away from the wall support will strengthen your rotator cuff muscles over time, which will reduce the strain you feel. A resistance band tied to any wall support is a supremely easy exercise you can perform at home or at your office.

Perform Chair-Based Exercises Every Time You Feel Tension Building Up

Your Pilates instructor may even show you how to do some specific chair-based exercises to help you strengthen rotator cuffs while you're working. Taking a few minutes off will make a big difference to the way your body feels. A good chair-based exercise for your rotator cuff is to place your arms in line with your shoulders sideways with your hands over your shoulder blade. Rotate your elbows in the backward and forward position a few times to ease shoulder muscle tension. Follow other exercises prescribed to protect your shoulders from severe stress.

Lie Down On A Yoga Mat To Alleviate Shoulder Stress

Your Pilates instructor will make you lie down on your side while placing your arms in front. Align your knees to your hipbone in the front. This will help you take advantage of the stretching exercise comprehensively. Place a cloth or small cushion below your head to avoid pulling any neck muscles. Keep one hand to the ground and turn the other in a full circle to the other side. If you are unable to keep one hand constantly on the ground, you know that your rotator cuff muscles are tight. Keep practicing to succeed. At the fully stretched position with both hands grounded on either side of you, make sure your chest faces upwards to stretch your rotator cuffs exhaustively.

The best part of these Pilates exercises is the fact that you can do them at home or in your office without any difficulty.